Friday, September 12, 2008

Deadline Extended for OhIPL Gas Rate Reduction Pilot Program

Churches Pool to Reduce Natural Gas Rates

OhIPL is developing an Energy Audit Program for 2009 that can reduce your congregation's carbon footprint and lower your energy costs by 10-40% through conservation and efficiency measures. In the meantime, natural gas prices are predicted to increase this winter, and many of us are feeling the pinch of rising energy costs. Two years ago, 40 Ohio Episcopal Churches joined together to negotiate bulk natural gas rate service using a broker. By aggregating their usage to negotiate a lower rate, these churches averaged over $1000 in savings on their annual heating bills.

PILOT PROGRAM Following the success of the Episcopal churches, OhIPL is offering a pilot program that could save your congregation 25% or more on your natural gas bills this winter. All gas customers can pursue lower rates (to calculate your potential individual savings, click here), but joining together with others makes possible far greater savings than can be negotiated alone. Time is of the essence, however, to secure the best natural gas rates before colder weather arrives and rates increase. The deadline to register for this OhIPL pilot program to help your congregation aquire a reduced gas rate is November 15. For more information about how this program works and to register for the program click here.

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