Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Green Jobs Now invites faith groups to participate in a national day of action

Green Jobs Now is a national day of action and part of an effort to build an "inclusive green economy" — one that lifts people out of poverty while addressing climate change. Volunteers are encouraged to involve faith groups in local action events on 9-27-08, calling attention to the opportunity to simultaneously address poverty and climate change while underscoring the connection between faith and action.

Green Jobs Now is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative of Green For All, 1Sky, the We Campaign, and many other sponsors and partners including Interfaith Power and Light's ally Faiths United for Sustainable Energy (FUSE). Click here for more information about Green Jobs Now and the 9-27-08 national day of action.

UPDATE 08-22-2008: Many people are also organizing around the Pickens Plan. Pickens PlanWhile the Pickens Plan does not directly address the need to lift people out of poverty, it is promoting massive investments in wind energy as a solution that will benefit the United States' economy and security, and the environment. Click here to visit the Pickens Plan site, and here to view a compelling video at EV World.

However, some are concerned there may be a flaw in a key tenet of the Pickens Plan. Natural gas, billed as a clean alternative to oil, may not be so clean after all. Click here for "Hydraulic Fracturing 101" and here for "Our Drinking Water at Risk" [PDF], both at EARTHWORKS. Click here to read a Newsweek article about a nurse's life-threatening encounter with toxic fracturing fluid.


Bradford Wade said...

Click here to take a fun quiz courtesy of the We Campaign (the Green Jobs Now partner that brought us those cool "There’s One Thing We Can Agree On" TV ads featuring unlikely celebrity pairs). The answers may surprise you!

Andrew at 1Sky said...

Thanks for the post, Bradford! Now is the time to lift people out of poverty while simultaneously reversing global warming! Keep up the good work!

Bradford Wade said...

News from our friends at "Yesterday [Wednesday], four Congressional leaders joined together to demand that the Department of Labor move quickly to implement the Green Jobs Act of 2007.

...How can you help? Pick up the phone and call the Department of Labor.

Please add your voice by calling: 202-693-6000. When you get connected, tell the staff member that you support the full enactment of the Green Jobs Act of 2007. Tell them you expect Secretary Chao to enact this law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush.

You can also communicate your support by e-mail:

...Congress provided the legislative pathway and now it is time to make the commitment real and develop an immediate plan of action for this vital program."

Bradford Wade said...

GM Is Taking a Serious Look at Natural Gas Vehicles

Larry Burns, vice president of research and development, said GM is now "exploring a dual-fuel approach with natural gas and gasoline for U.S. customers" which would allow purchasers to buy either fuel. Click here to read more at

Some believe a portion of all new vehicles should be required to run on both gasoline and natural gas. Iran, which is requiring 60% of new vehicles to be either dual-fuel or fully natural gas powered, is far ahead of the U.S. in this regard.

Bradford Wade said...

"Of the eight million natural gas vehicles operating worldwide, only about 116,000 were in the United States ...according to a 2006 Energy Department estimate."

Read: "Surge in Natural Gas Has Utah Driving Cheaply" in the New York Times.

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