Thursday, June 26, 2008

Church bells toll for global warming

The Sound of Hope and SpiritLast Sunday, UCC congregations in Massachusetts began ringing their bells 350 times to call attention to 350 parts per million carbon dioxide, a goal advocated by NASA scientist James Hansen,, and others. Click here to read coverage in The Boston Globe's Green Blog, and here for an article from the Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ. is inviting all faith communities around the world to add their voices. If you are a representative of a religious institution that wants to join this project and involve a larger network of communities, please visit "The Sound of Hope and Spirit" on their website to learn more and to access online organizing tools.


Keith Mills said...

James Hansen says it all in the attached article:
"Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near on Global Warming"

"If politicians remain at loggerheads, citizens must lead."

"The public must send a message to Washington. Preserve our planet, creation, for our children and grandchildren."

Keith Mills, co-founder, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light

ghitz said...

It seems even more prudent for citizens to lead when we hear stories like this, reporting how the White House recently simply refused to acknowledge the EPA's report detailing the need to act to address climate change:

Sadly, this seems reminiscent of when I tell my three year old that "it's bedtime" or "your shoe is untied" and he replies: "no it's not." Of course, he's trying to avoid having to stop doing whatever he's doing right then, as we'd expect from a three year-old.