Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exciting speakers for March 15 event featuring the Rev. Sally Bingham

The Reverend Sally Bingham, founder and president of The Regeneration Project, will give the keynote address at a special public event to be hosted by the newly forming Ohio Interfaith Power and Light. The program, which will be held from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 15, 2008, at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, 760 East Broad Street, Columbus, is a response to the rapidly growing interest in climate change among people of faith. Reverend Bingham began the Interfaith Power and Light effort in 1998 with Episcopal Power and Light and the support of Grace Cathedral as a unique coalition of Episcopal churches aggregated to purchase renewable energy. In 2001, she co-founded California Interfaith Power and Light, which helps people of faith in California to organize and promote positive environmental change around energy and climate change. Nationally, she is working to establish Interfaith Power and Light programs in every state.

Also speaking during the program will be: the Reverend Rebecca Tollefson, Executive Director of the Ohio Council of Churches; Al Compaan, Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Toledo and leader of a research group focused on thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar cells; and David Wilhelm, founder of Adena Ventures, a venture capital fund targeting central Appalachia, which includes the southeastern Ohio area in which he was raised.

One of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light’s founders, Keith Mills, says, “We believe that energy use is a spiritual issue. People of faith from all religions, that see caring for each other and the Earth as our sacred responsibility, are coming together to reduce harmful carbon emissions.” Everyone is invited to attend the event. There will be a freewill offering during the program.


brojoe said...

I for one am very excited about this program, and I have asked our parish secretary to publish this information in our March newsletter. I will also do announcements for the next few Sundays, and take the pledge form to our next vestry meeting.

Peace to you all.

Meribah Mansfield said...

Thanks! If your vestry signs the convenant prior to the March 15 event, we would like to include it in the recognition of member religious communities at the March 15 event. So send in the pledge, but also let us know so your congregation can be recognized on March 15. Thanks again!

Interfaith Power and Light said...

We here at Interfaith Power and Light in San Francisco are glad to see Ohio joining the movement.

The fine folks of We Believe Ohio might provide some fruitful partnerships.

Keep up the green work.

CIPL-pres said...

gfiyaJust came from a wonderful event at Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus. Ten congregations have joined the OH IPL program and they are off to a spirit inspired start with fine leadership and visionary goals. I leave for San Francisco tomorrow full of excitment about the 24th state, 25th program launched and affiliated with our national movement. Thank you all on the steering committee for your hard work, successful well attended event and generous hospitality. Together we can change the world.
God Bless you all, Sally+

jazzolog said...

It's wonderful Rev. Canon Bingham found time to leave a comment here last night. I felt she's the kind of person who, despite all she has to do, tries to make time for everyone.

I'm sure all of us who made the trip up from Athens and Southeast Ohio were inspired and eager to get back to our individual congregations. At Good Shepherd Episcopal we'll be presenting the covenant to our vestry at the next meeting. Have a joyous Palm Sunday!