Friday, January 11, 2008

What do Interfaith Power and Light organizations typically offer?

Educational resources on the spiritual aspects of energy use;

Educational programs for members of religious communities on energy conservation and the use of renewable energy in members' homes, transportation and businesses;

Webcasts and presentations on energy use and climate change prevention;

Energy audits of church, temple, mosque and other religious buildings to reduce overall energy use and shift remaining use to renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and conserving religious community financial resources which serves as an example to others;

Support for religious communities to produce clean renewable energy, such as wind and solar, or purchase green power from their utility;

Group purchases of energy saving devices, such as energy efficient lighting products;

Partnership with other groups to foster “green jobs” (jobs involving building weatherization and those involving the design, manufacture and installation of energy efficient products and renewable energy equipment);

Advocacy for state and national laws that address climate change. Click here to view OhIPL co-founder Keith Mills' October 2007 testimony to the Ohio Senate on the electric energy restructuring bill.

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